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As the Founder Director Sri K.V. CHURCHILL is very much patriotic to the nation, he Inaugurated the company on an Independence Day which should be celebrated along with Nation’s joyful day every year. That is why the agency also is named with the meaning as the Indian Detectives who do International Investigations. With his 25 years of Investigation combined with administrative experience in the detective field Mr. K. V. CHURCHILL M.A. M.Ed. M.B.A., LL.B. , the Director of this agency found I D I with a motto of “IMMEDIATE SERVICE TO EVERYONE FOR A NOMINAL SUM “. He hails from a very respectable family of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Since childhood he was very much inquisitive and investigative in mind who stood first in all competitive exams and qualified in IAS Exam also. Member of HAM (Amateur radio ) through which world wide contact can be maintained. Due to his devotion developed in this detective field he even spurned many lucrative offers from overseas also and continued to serve in this field. Based on the truthful services rendered he maintained good relation with top officials of all departments and is always trustworthy.

His humanistic approach to solve the intricate and nagging problems of individuals has endeared him to many clients and in this manner he has developed a niche for himself in this field. His method of getting into the bottom of the problems for solution can be compared with the theories as propounded by the well known World famous Psychologists like Sir Sigmond Freud and Dr. Carl Jung. Very few persons in the world are endowed with such qualities/insight and Mr. K. V. Churchill is one among such illustrious personalities.



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